. I n f o r m a t i o n .

lunar phases

The moons position  has  an  affect on 
the  earth's  magnetic  fields.  It is 
assumed that when  a full  moon or new 
moon is  in effect,  spirit energy  is 
stronger and more easily detected.  

Current Solar Data

Geomagnetic Field:   Status

Many "ghost hunters"  speculate   that
spirits   use    engery    to    alter
electromagnetic   fields that surround
us. From your toaster to your  TV. The
alterations  caused  by   this  energy
can be detected with an EMF detector.

When   solar  flares  occur,  the  air 
becomes bloated  with  excess  energy.
The more energy there is in  the  air, 
the more  energy  is   available for a 
spirit to connect with and alter.

To  be  honest  I  cant  answer  this, 
Skeptics  say  its  water condensation
or dust on the camera  lense.  I chose 
this particular photo,(of my daughter)
as an  example  of the  "possibility".

They   say  children  can  see  ghosts 
better  then  the  average  joe.  Why? 
maybe its that children are more aware
of there "natural" surroundings. 

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Humidity as well as rain, mist, snow, 
smog,  fog,  ect,  can cause a  false 
positive in your photos.

Its best to  preform  a  "ghost hunt" 
when your humidity  is  low,  with no 
chance  of  precipitation,  or  other 
weather anomalies.