. I n v e s t i g a t i o n s .

Saturday March 11th 2006

Location     -  N King St Leesburg, 
                VA,Union  Cemetary.
Temperature  -  71.1°F Clear skies,
Wind         -  Calm/SSW  -  0-2mph
Pressure     -  30.20in / 1022.6hPa 
visibility   -            unlisted
Humidity     -            31% - 40%

Solar Data
Solar Xrays  -          unavailable
Geomagnetic field -     unavailable

Moon data

further weather data for times are
available here.
This was an accidental investigation
My husband and I were  bringing  our 
daughter to the park  50  feet  away 
from this cemetary. As the sun set I 
asked if we  could  go  for a  short 
walk. I had the camera in hand. 

As we walked  around I snapped a few 
shots just for fun  when my daughter
began pulling  at my  husband  "Look
a Baby!"  My  husband  and  I looked
around for this  "baby" and I took a
few   photos  around  the  area  she 
pointed out. 

Mind you she was only 2 years old at
the time, Also note, all photos  are 
taken near the same headstone "Rice"

Tuesday June 14th 2005

Location     -  VA fairfax   region 
                Bunnymans   bridge,  
                & Fairfax  Memorial 

Temperature  -   81* partly cloudy
humidity          -             76%
Wind ssw          -            7mph
Pressure          - 29.68 in (down)
Visibility        -           7.0mi

Solar Data
Solar Xrays - Active
Geomagnetic field - Unsettled

Moon data
Waxxing Gibbous
60% of full
Legend I was told

A man escaped  from  an  Asylum  broke
into   someones  garage  and  stole  a 
full   body   bunny costume. Waited in
the    woods    surrounded    by   "no 
tresspassing"  signs   when   3   kids 
drove up, one  kid  left  because  the
other 2 wanted  to  have sex, and came 
back to the  empty  car  and  the  guy 
and girl  hanging from the old bridge.

Facts of the REAL legend can be 
located Here

Took  a  few  shots  in  daylight, and 
Night,   Camera   used   is  a  Cannon 
Powershot S10 digital camera. I failed 
to pack the EMF reader for  this  trip 

This first image is of the inner woods
where the road ends, You can see  some 
of the "no tresspassing" signs

This second one is  taken  in   normal 
daylight around 4pm.

Also taken in   daylight,  around 4pm.

headed toward the bridge, Night  time, 
around 9pm.

This last image  has "bars" in  it  on 
the lower left  hand side. I did  some 
research and  don't know what may have 
caused that  type of anomaly,  if  you 
have any  ideas, please let  me  know,
to my knowledge these are not insects. 
I assumed the orb next  to the sign is 
merely a reflection,  the central  orb 
seems more legit.


Sunday Oct 31st 2004

Click here for weather  information on
This specific  date  during  "hunting" 

Halloween,The moon was nearly full, it
was crystal  clear out,  Time  to drop 
baby K off  with  the grandparents and 
go out for a bit. Unfortunately my mom
is a pain in the ass and wont  baby-sit
past 11pm >shrugs< It was worth it any
way, Below are photos from  3 separate
cemeteries, 2 by  stewart  Airport and
a jewish cemetery in New Windsor.

Pictures provided were  taken  with  a 
Canon   Power Shot   S10  Model  PS1025 
digital    camera.    Or  a  fuji  film 
disposable 35mm camera 800 speed film.
(labled on image)

Click  an   image  to  enlarge,  Enjoy.