. L o c a l . H a u n t i n g s .

Highland falls - West Point USMA 
Being that West  Point  is the  oldest 
military post in the United States the
area has it's fair share of "history". 
All you have  to do is ask a  Military 
Police  officer  or  a  cadet  and you 
should  get  a  good idea of  where to 
look. I'll tell you what,  this  isn't 
for  the  faint  of  heart,  you spend 
enough  time  here  and  you  will see 

Kingston - Blaber Mansion
An old  women  is seen in the front of 
the estate  late at  night  holding  a 

Kingston - Montrepose Cemetery
Activity and  energy  surrounding  that 

Kingston - Wiltwick Cemetery
Ghostly activity and energy inside that

Newburgh - Plum Point Condos
The story  goes...  There  is a  rather 
large building, in  which is  now  know 
Plum Point condo's, in Newburgh NY that
used to be a all boys Christian school.
One of  the  nun's  molested the boy  & 
killed  him  then  put  his body in the 
wall and  covered  it  up  well  (being 
there  was  already  construction going
on inside it  was a  good  cover-up, he
was just  reported missing)  Then about
a  year  later  strange   things  would 
happen that  drove the  school to  shut 
down.  For about 10 or more  years  now 
that I know of the have been  trying to 
make   it  into  an  apartment  complex 
because  there  are  condo's all around 
it, and  every  time  someone  goes  in 
there to work,  a  hand  was cut off by 
machinery, the  machinery  would  break
for no apparent reason, etc..  And many
people say they have seen the boy. 

Newburgh - The Masonic Temple
A second floor dance hall  and  theatre 
had tables and folding  chairs  set up. 
One night some students in a  community 
theater witnessed a  single  chair slid 
by itself, and drew  attention  because 
of  the  sound  it made  while  rubbing 
against  the floor.  A door,  hinged to 
swing open  in  both  directions  began 
swinging  rapidly  by  itself, and then 
stopped. Voices of men talking in other
parts of the  building  could be  heard 
when no one  else was  there.  The mens 
voices could be heard moving around the

New Paltz -Shawangunk Mountain Range 
These mountains  are  full  of  Haunted 
Energy.  There   are   Indian   Spirits 
through out that range. 

Newburgh - Downing Park
A boy who drowned in  the lake  in  the 
park is said to  sit  by  the  lake  at 
night crying, he is also  said to  make 
bubbles in the water, as if  trying  to 
breathe,  and  he  is  said  to  scream 
whenever a child get to  close  to  the 

Poughkeepsie - Christ Episcopal Church
The   ghost   of   former  Rector,  Dr.
Alexander Griswold  Cummings  has  been 
reported  here  many  times  since  his 
death in the late 1940s or  early  50s. 
While he was still  living,  he did not 
like using  candles,  so  candles  used 
during services  were repeatedly  blown 
out. At one point, a  bat  materialized 
in the church, then disappeared. In the 
1970s, Bishop James Pike, Rector at the 
time, scared the ghost  away  from  the 
sanctuary by bringing his dog into  the 
church. After that, Alexander  remained 
quiet   for  a  while.  In  the  1990s, 
Alexander surfaced again. This time, it
was  because  current Rector,  the Rev. 
Michael Phillips,  decided to move  the 
Rector's office to a different location
in the building. The move outraged  the 
ghost, and for  years  afterwards,  the 
old rector's  office  (now the library) 
would be freezing cold in the mornings, 
even during the spring. Eventually, the 
ghost went back  into  hiding.  Another 
ghost is the spirit of an elderly lady, 
who died  in the  middle  of a  service 
sometime in the 1910s.  Her  ghost  has 
been seen sitting in a pew halfway back
and   many  who  sit  halfway  back  in 
darkness in the evening and night  feel
a  strange  presence,   even  if  there 
appears to be nothing there. 

Poughkeepsie - Dutchess Community College 
Bowne Hall - The  college is  built  on
the site  of  an   old   TB   hospital.  
The main administration building, Bowne
Hall, was  one  of  the  main  hospital 
buildings.The basement of this building 
contained    the    hospitals   morgue. 
Maintenance  personnel  have  accounted 
strange   happenings    such    as    a 
'weird presence'. 

Poughkeepsie - Marist College 
As the story goes; Shelly was killed by 
a jealous  boyfriend  in  the  school's 
cafeteria.  Since  then, she has been a 
presence  in  Sheahan  Hall,  where she 
lived. Most of  her  activity  involves 
folding clothes, opening/closing doors, 
screwing    with    televisions     and 
occasional bumps in the night. She  may 
also   be   linked   to   some  strange 
occurrences at  a  grotto  dedicated to 
those who died at Marist. 

Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center
Mid Hudson psychiatric  center  is  now 
closed.  After  dark  loud  noises  and 
screams can  be  heard,  sometimes-lost 
spirits are seen wandering the grounds. 
Reports of  a  large  orb  that  chases 

Rural Cemetery
Countless spirits roam the grounds, and 
have done so for years!  Some  can-and-
want to be seen, or otherwise  noticed, 
some just "observe" those of us   still 

Putnam - Carmel-Smalleys Inn Restaurant
building  has  been  there  since 1852, 
several    incidents   have   happened, 
ghostly  images  have  appeared,  phone 
calling   each   other,  sightings of a 
little girl,  things falling from there 
places. coldin a little liquor room  in 
the    basement    strange  sounds  and 
feelings.-December 2003 addition: Local 
radio station K104.7 sends some of  its 
employees  during the  Woodman  in  the
Morning show to haunted p laces  during 
October and Smalleys happens to be  the 
one where they  find the most activity. 
In addition to all the things   already 
listed, the employees have   found  out 
that   the  name  of  the  little  girl 
haunting   the   place   is       named 
Elizabeth    Smalley    and   while  on 
location, she has called  the  Inn  and 
giggled on the other end.  In the  wine 
cellar, there has been large collection 
of crickets   that    chirped  whenever 
someone    is   closed  inside.  Lights 
flickeron and off quite often and   the 
radio  show   employees  have   heard a 
multitude of various  things  while  on 
air, including lots  of  random  static 
while on a regular  cordless  phone  in 
which they have  heard  voices,  mostly 
Elizabeth giggling or sometimes crying. 
They  have   also  taken  many  picture 
riddled  with orbs, in  some  of  which 
faces  can be seen. The radio employees 
also believe that one of the radio show 
hosts may now be personally haunted  by 
Elizabeth as they have heard her  voice 
on air while he is at different haunted 

Oct   31st  2004 
I personally visited the lil restaurant 
on haloween,  and  I  must  say,  GREAT 
PLACE the  owner  was there and came to 
our table and showed us photos and told
stories, very cool.

Information aquired from The Shadowlands