. R e c c o m e n d e d .
.  R e a d i n g .

Rating - ****
Book written by Hans Holder,  761  pages 
11 chapters,  162  topics. Not  for  the 
average ghost lover this book is serious 
business. I  was  surprised  to  see how 
many topics  take  place  in  Rockland / 
Orange county. Local for me. It has 
been a wonderful book to read.
Chapters include;
*The rockland county ghost 
*major andre and the question of loyalty
*The havestraw ferry case
*bloody mary's ghost
*the house of evil (ny)

Rating - ****
Book written   by   Konstantinos,   201 
pages, 14   chapters.  I  read  through 
this book 4 or  5  times,  it  is  very 
informative,  easy  to  read,  and uses 
historical events to  back  information 
provided. Chapters include;
*Catch electronic Voice Phenomena on 
*Use  Radio  noise  to provide  spirits 
 with a voice
*history of electronic  voice phenomena

Rating - **
Book written by  Charles  A.  Coulombe, 
271  pages,  270  topics   rather  then 
chapters including;
*Some guests   never   leave   alaska's 
 golden hotel
*A serial   killer's  victim  haunts  a 
 church-turned-theater in Idaho
*In Ohio, a  priest  haunts  his church

Rating - ***
Book  written  by  Brad  Steiger,  615 
pages  including  index,  30  chapters 
total, including:
*Spirits seen at deathbeds and funerals 
*Haunted   churches   cemetaries,   and 
 burial grounds
*phantoms   on   roads   and   highways
*battlefields   where   phantom  armies 
 eternally wage war.
*speaking to spirits:  The  mystery  of
*Animal  Ghosts  -  Domestic  and  wild 
*Spirit   Parasites   that    Possessed
*Apparitions   of   Religious   figures
*Haunted   Hotels   Motels   and   Inns.

Rating - ***
Book written by Hazel M. Denning PH.D.
220   pages  including   Glossery,  22
chapters including:
*Insights from the past
*Encounters with helping entities 
*Bound by loved ones