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Friday, Oct 13th, 2006, 3:47PM

Whelp,Yes I've updated the site I kept
refusing to let  go live... and  here
it is... 

To everyone's amazement,Jaeden is very
big into ghosts and the paranormal. 

Yes    I  believe  in  spirits,  Yes I 
believe I have seen and heard  ghosts.
Yes,I get strange "feelings" No Im not 
psychic, just strange.

My Story

From a young age I've always had a fear
of death. The    word  alone  gave  me 
nightmares. by 6 o r 7 I was  obsessed
with    old     houses,   crawlspaces,
cemeteries, and 'ghosts'. the idea  of 
"living on" fascinated and consoled my 

When I was about 9 years  old,We moved 
to an old house  on  Hasbrouck  Ave in 
Cornwall   NY.  Henry  Hudson  first 
docked in cornwall in 1609.  The house
sempt full of energy.

9 months later we moved to Newburgh NY.
Newburgh was docked in in 1609 as well

The property   was  on  an  old  farm, 
Strange  things  would  happen in that 
house. One night around 3 or 4am I was 
awakened by  the  sounds  of  crashing 
dishes in the  kitchen. I crept out of 
bed and down the  hall,  and  though I 
was  standing in the  kitchen  looking 
down its long corridor I saw nothing...
but the sounds continued.

Another  strange   occurrences  on the 
property was in the barn. One stall in 
the entire  barn,  had a  dirt  floor, 
No wood, and no hay.  in  this  stall, 
was always a  dead  animal.  a cat,  a 
squirrel, a  bird,  snake,  woodchuck, 
mice.  Never  was  there  not  a  dead 
animal  in   this  stall.   Personally 
I find  that  strange  seeing  as  how 
we lived in the house for 7 years.

The final issue with  the  house,  was
the yard  itself.  We had  a  sunroom, 
This   room  was  eerie  though  fully 
lit,  and  looking  into the back yard
especially  at  night  left you with a 
feeling of uneasiness and Longing.

We moved  again  when  I was  in  10th 
grade and my parents house has  had no 
strange    activity.     Its    almost 
disappointing to  see  my chance  come
and  go  for  some  real  evidence  of 
unknown origins...but you win some you 
loose some and I find my investigations 
to be very fulfilling and entertaining.

Enough of my  babbling.  Please  enjoy 
this site. Its my  paranormal  journal
and I thought I would share.